The march of Android into your car is inevitable, so we're happy to hear the news that SwiftKey has partnered with Clarion to bring its smart keyboard into the car.

SwiftKey is the default keyboard for the new Clarion AX1 head unit, which is Android-based. The "AX" in the name stands for "Android Experience 1" and offers a range of in-car entertainment features, such as full HD video playback, navigation, software and apps.

The Clarion AX1 has a 6.5-inch touchscreen and can connect to Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to play content from your phone. There will also be microSD and two USB ports.

"We believe 'connected car' technology will be a growing trend throughout 2014 and is set to reach the mainstrea," said Ben Medlock, SwiftKey CTO and co-founder. 

"Partnering with a cutting-edge company such as Clarion demonstrates our real interest in this exciting sector and signals our ambition to become known as a leading platform for innovative, personalised technology." 

Although the Clarion use of Android looks to be an older version, without all the benefits of a Google-certified device such as Gmail or Google Maps apps, it's great to see SwiftKey making the text entry experience better.

The Clarion AX1 is available in Asia, but it is planned to launch in Europe and the US in 2014.

Also in Android news, at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, aiming to bring an integrated Android interface to cars.

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