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(Pocket-lint) - A lot is riding on the Veronica Mars movie. It's the first time a cancelled TV series was wanted enough by fans to generate $5.7 million of funding on Kickstarter so it could be made into a film. And now the trailer is here.

We're impressed. While having the feel of a big budget Hollywood movie (which $5.7 million wouldn't normally buy you) it also keeps the low-key wit of the TV series. Even the trailer gives a feeling that everyone involved enjoyed making this movie.


Veronica Mars will be released on 14 March, a year after the Kickstarter campaign completed, and is written and directed by TV series creator Rob Thomas. It stars Kristen Bell who played Veronica Mars in the series. Her best friend was murdered and father removed as country sheriff so she dedicated her life to cracking crime mysteries. Since then, in the movie, she's moved into law and can't resist taking on another mystery to save an old flame.

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If this proves to be a success it could pave the way for fan funded movies from resurrected TV shows to never-made movie sequels. Even comic and book adaptations, where there was previously no hope, may reach the silver screen.

Writing by Luke Edwards.