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(Pocket-lint) - Doom, in all its glory, was released for Android recently by developers Eltechs, and it’s shifted over 10,000 downloads in a week.

While there are a few variants of Doom on Android right now, we've not seen anything as accurate as this Original Doom, for free. Controls are annoying at first as they're touch based, but you get used to them. Thanks to the simplicity of a game like Doom, with no jump or vertical look, controls lend themselves to mobile quite nicely.

Sound effects are exact and the lighting is perfect but we didn’t find the music kicked in on our Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Any luck getting music for anyone else? Co-creator Anatoly Konukhov tells us: "The lack of sound is currently an issue common to all devices. We are working to bring this great heavy metal to all users. We believe sound will be available later in January 2014."

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Toggling the control visuals on and off is easy and thanks to black bars either side of the original 4:3 aspect screen your digits don’t block the action.

So if you fancy heading back to Mars for another bout against the hordes of Hell, get downloading on your Android smartphone or tablet now. And as saving your game is easy you won’t need to worry about committing too much time to this addictive classic. Since we didn't get music, enjoy this recording of the original Doom music which we found on YouTube.

Writing by Luke Edwards.