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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking to add a little Christmas cheer to your Android phone, then the latest update to SwiftKey will do just that, adding snow to your phone.

There are two options available. The first is a new theme called "Ice". You can select it in the normal theme options and it will then give you an icy blue keyboard, that snows when you tap or trace out words on it.

But there's a hidden extra that adds to the excitement. SwiftKey referred to it when it announced the update recently, but now Android Police have discovered how to get to this Christmas Easter egg.

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You can get SwiftKey to add flurries of snow to your device by typing "hohoho" followed by a long press on the "hohoho" word. That will see it start snowing down the page, not just on the keyboard as the Ice theme does.

Pocket-lintswiftkey brings festive snow to your android phone image 2

It only snows while you stay using the keyboard, so as long as you're typing or Flowing in those words snow will cascade down your screen. When you stop, the snow fall will lighten and if you exit the app or rotate your phone, it will all vanish.

With Christmas just days away, what better way to add a little festive cheer to your device?

The SwiftKey app, one of the most highly recommended third-party keyboards for Android, is currently on sale, and at £1.49 could be the best Christmas present you buy for yourself.

Writing by Chris Hall.