Icons of the Web is a scaled, icon-filled image that displays the top million websites right now. It uses the algorithm smarts of Alexa to scale the icons by size and colour to show clearly the popularity of websites. See over there to the right? Yup that’s Pocket-lint sitting pretty right there.

icons of the web shows the top million web sites guess what kind of lint is right up there  image 2

As part of the open source Nmap Security Scanner Project the top million sites’ favicons were taken and scaled by Alexa ranking. The smallest icons are 256 pixels and represent sites visited by on 0.00004 per cent of the internet each month. While the largest icon, Google, is 394 million pixels. That makes a collage total of 5 gigapixels.

You can view the collage online and zoom in and out, while clicking on an icon will link you to the site. There is now a Kickstarter project, that’s well over its target, which lets you pick up a large poster for $29 (£18). Though why you’d want something printed that will be out of date in a year is beyond us.

Check out the zoomable online Icons of the Web at the link below.