Kyle Lambert amazed pretty much the whole internet when he posted his video showing the process of drawing Morgan Freeman on an iPad. The finished image looks so much like a photo that some have called it a fake, and claimed it's just a reverse-engineered photo.

To find out how you make an image like this, we tracked down Lambert and asked him to talk us through the process, and how he feels about the claims it's not a "real" drawing. We also got to see his amazing picture in the flesh, as he described the process of drawing a photo-realistic picture that has so far been seen by 11 million people on YouTube and been covered by everyone news outlet from Pocket-lint to CNN.

READArtist draws realistic Morgan Freeman in 4K using iPad and Procreate app

The image took 200 hours to create, and has 285,000 brush strokes contained within it. Lambert  told us that the two-minute YouTube video doesn't show a lot of the tweaks he made, and certainly can't show the thought that goes into each brush stroke, but he does have a two-hour version of the video that shows each individual stroke made.

But from the time we spent talking to him, and what we saw on his iPad it was clear just how much work had gone into his painting, and we got to see each beard hair too, which gives you a much better idea of how he achieved this amazing final result. Perhaps most interesting though, is just how flexible the iPad has become.

Procreate, the app used by Lambert, is nothing short of amazing at least in terms of the flexibility it offers with finger drawing. We can see why people are sceptical, but when you see the drawing up close, you realise just what an amazing trio Lambert, his iPad and Procreate are. We can't wait to see what he draws next.