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(Pocket-lint) - You might already have the Auto Shazam function on your iPad version of the app, but where you really need it - when mobile - it’s been lacking. Now that problem is gone as Auto Shazam comes to iPhone.

Download the latest version of the free app, turn on the auto mode, and it will run in the background hearing everything. Say you’re in the car and don’t want to fumble about, just use auto - then when you stop driving scroll through everything that was played and pick out the tracks you want to save to your list.

Auto Shazam works when the app is open or in the background while any other app is being used, and even when the screen is locked, saving matched tags in the Shazam App. You receive a notification every time a new song, TV show, or ad is tagged, leaving you with playlists from where you’ve been such as in the car, at a restaurant or in a bar.

Daniel Danker, Shazam’s chief product officer, said: This update is another leap forward in achieving our vision to help people effortlessly recognise and engage with the world around them.”

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This could be great for while watching a film and getting your favourite tracks at the end without interrupting.

The new feature is available in the Free and Encore versions of Shazam for iPhone, and iPod touch. We don’t imagine it’s great for your battery but it’s brilliant for not missing anything.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 13 December 2013.