Fireproof Games has released the follow up to the massively popular iPad, Android and Kindle Fire game The Room, which was awards Apple's Game of Year accolade for 2012.

The Room Two is iPad only for now and will work on any iPad from the iPad 2 and up, including both iPad minis. It's available on iTunes now for £2.99.

To celebrate, the developer has also made the iPad version of the original The Room free to download for a limited time, so if you haven't tried it, we thoroughly recommend you grab it while you can.

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Like the first game, The Room Two features a spooky mystery that you must solve by working your way through a web of cunning puzzles. You must follow a trail of cryptic letters from a scientist known only as AS and manipulate objects using swipes and touch controls in order to progress.

Fireproof has implemented iCloud and GameCenter support this time around, so you can save and carry on the same game on a different devices. And there are achievements you can earn along the way.

The Room Two is available to download from iTunes now.