Google’s all seeing eye of Street View has just grown a little more Sauron-like, with neither nook nor cranny now outside of its glare. Everyone can now add to Street View as long as they have a camera or Android phone.

So if you’ve got some spare time, live in a remote area or are bored on holiday then you can add to Street View. 

Google explains: “To get started, just create photo spheres using your Android phone or a DSLR and then share them onViews. Next, select the photo spheres from your profile and use our new tool to connect them together (as seen in the example above).

"Once your photo spheres are connected and published, people can navigate between them on Google Maps, just like they can in Street View.”

And not only will this help fill in the gaps on the current Street View, but it will also add multiple shots of an area for variation in things like weather and time of day as well as covering pop-up events such as carnivals or gigs.

Want to get involved? Then head over to Google to get started.