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(Pocket-lint) - If you naturally have a heap of artistic talent, you could draw actor Morgan Freeman in 4K using just your fingers and an iPad.

That's right. No charcoals, pens, pencils, rulers, or papers are required. If you're sceptical about all this, just look at the two images above. Well, the image on the left is an actual image. The other is a drawing by visual artist Kyle Lambert. His medium of choice for this project? The app Procreate.

Lambert told Ice Flow Studios that Procreate made it possible for him to a create incredibly high-resolution (4K) painting, and he wanted to see just how far he could push digital artwork by painting a true photorealistic portrait of Freeman. His project took more than 200 hours to complete, and consists of approximately 285,000 brush strokes.

artist draws realistic morgan freeman in 4k using ipad and procreate app image 2

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"I started with a blank white screen and began capturing Freeman’s likeness, quickly painting the broad strokes with my finger, I then reduced the brush size to a few pixels, pinched to zoom and carefully painted in the fine detail," Lambert said.

Some naysayers have questioned the authenticity of Lambert's drawing and wondered whether it is a publicity ploy for Procreate. If you're like them and need proof too, check out the 3-minute time lapse video below. Lambert made sure to capture his entire painting process using a feature within Procreate.

It's amazing to see how Lambert took his time adding flecks of colour and shadows to really capture Freeman's face and all of its characteristics. Visit Lambert's website to view more original works. His 2010 portrait of Beyoncé, which was his first attempt at creating art with an iPad, has received more than a half-million views on YouTube.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.