UK high street supermarket chain Sainsbury's has announced that it will cease selling physical entertainment products online, with an eye to switching its internet retail experience to digital downloads.

From March 2014, the store will not sell physical copies of games, books, CDs, Blu-rays or DVDs. It will continue to do so in its nationwide shops, but cites a growing rise in the on-demand market as a key factor in its decision to change online strategy.

"We see that the online opportunity lies in digital products, with physical music, books, games and films sold in our stores," said a Sainsbury's spokesman.

"This move is in line with wider industry trends towards on-demand entertainment, and part of our focus on the fast-growing download and streaming market."

Sainsbury's will honour any pre-orders due to launch before 15 March 2014, but no further orders will be accepted from the end of February.