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(Pocket-lint) - If you hate cleaning and DIY, and haven’t heard of TaskRabbit, then prepare to be enlightened. The US-based start-up is a crowdsourced platform for finding people with special skills to help you manage tasks and free up time in your day.

It also allows skilled people to make money by connecting with clients who can judge them based on their abilities.

TaskRabbit is a bit like AirBnB but for people. Say you need a cleaner to come one day a week. You’ll be able to pop on to TaskRabbit and search cleaners in your local area. You can see a profile with picture, skills, a bit of character, and of course rate charged. It nice and noncommittal and lets you and the cleaners chop and change freely.

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Stacy Brown-Philpot, COO of TaskRabbit, said at the London launch: “TaskRabbit has come a long way from its start-up roots. In just five years we have over 20,000 vetted, approved and skilled ‘Taskers’ in 19 cities across the US.

"Customer requests for TaskRabbit to come to London have outpaced any other international city. However, London is just the beginning of our journey, with aspirations for the rest of the UK, Paris, Sydney and Toronto in 2014 and beyond.”

Be it household errands or skilled tasks you’ll be able to go on to TaskRabbit and find someone for the job quickly and easily. You can even name your price or request bids on the task that needs doing. And you pay only when the task is done and you’re satisfied with the job. Is this the death of DIY?

For many it could be. And for Taskers it’s good news too as they can earn up to £3,200 a month.

TaskRabbit has launched in London today. Check it out at TaskRabbit.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 20 November 2013.