The Room Two is coming next month.

The Room is a puzzle video game developed by UK-based Fireproof Games. It debuted in 2012 for iOS, though an Android version is also available. By May 2013, the app had passed 2 million copies in sales.

Thanks to the success of The Room, Fireproof Games announced in early 2013 that it was working on a full-fledged sequel. That sequel is The Room Two. The developer has now revealed that The Room Two will land for iPad on 12 December, followed by a release for iPhone and Android in early 2014.

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Fireproof Games was scant on details when announcing release dates for The Room Two on its website and Twitter, but it previously said the second instalment would transport players "to an altogether more spectacular place".

The developer showed off The Room Two at the Eurogamer Expo in September, and many attendees reported nothing but praise for the upcoming title. Check out some images from that demo in the gallery below.