New Star Soccer, the huge football game hit for iPhone and iPad, has now arrived on Android. And it benefits from all the tweaks and extra features that have been gradually added to the iOS version since its original release.

Available on Google Play as a free download, with a paid model in place for some in-game items, New Star Soccer allows you to take on the career path of a young professional footballer as you attempt to become a world-class star. It is split into two parts, a life simulation and an arcade, touch-based football game, and the amount of depth that developer Simon Read has added to it recently is impressive.

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In the latest version on iOS and the first for Android, you can choose to be either a male or female footballer. There are now headers included and defenders will try to close you down as you attempt a shot on goal. You can choose between three styles of play: attacking, defensive and balanced. And skills now deteriorate over time.

For veterans of the game, there's a new hard mode to be unlocked. And all league structures have been updated to the real-life 2013/14 season model.

Plenty of other tweaks and changes have been made too, but half the fun is finding out what they are.

Simon Read won a BAFTA this year for the game, beating FIFA in the process. Download New Star Soccer to find out why.

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