For every good thing in the world there’s a bad one to balance it out. In the case of Kickstarter the good definitely outweighs the bad, although a nefarious sort has infiltrated its walls and left 100 creators out of pocket.

Someone by the username of Encik Farhan (Encik being Jawi for Mister) has ripped off around 100 Kickstarter users by exploiting a loophole in the supply chain.

The scam was a pretty simple one. Encik would back a project by donating, say, £1,000. Then he would wait for the pledge prize to arrive, be it prototypes, clothes, or whatever. Once the swag arrived he would dispute the payment with his credit card company - leaving him with both the money and the pledge prize. So the victims in all this end up being the creative inventor types.

One victim, cartoonist Alex Herberling, spotted the scam and has promised to work with the payment processor (Amazon) to investigate the situation and, hopefully, close the loophole.

Here’s hoping this problem is solved before other have-a-go thieves try the scheme and leave inventors out of pocket, stunting innovation.