Japanese brewery Asahi has been experimenting with robot bartenders for years, but now it has a new invention that will pour six beers in 12 seconds without spilling so much as a drop.

The company showed off its machine recently at the International Robotics Expo in Tokyo, where Gizmag was on hand to get a few images and a demonstration. The unique thing about this new robot barman, apparently, is that it reduces wastage to nearly zero.

Pulling a beer, or pouring a draft, is complicated. Amateurs will inevitably cover the floor in wasted beer (and get a tall glass of foam while they're at it), making bar owners cringe at all the lost profits.

No more, says Asahi, as it has finally developed - with the help of Nagoya-based robotics company NST - a robot perfect for high-volume bars. It acts as an experienced bar tender and can increase throughput during busy times.

Asahi once made a similar robot for bars, called the Tornado draft beer dispenser, but it required specialised cups, unlike the company's latest offering.

As for when bar owners can start firing sloppy bar hands and acquiring Asahi's new robots instead, it looks like they'll have to wait another two years. There's also no word yet on pricing or availability. 

Junichi Kitano, senior chief research at Asahi, told Gizmag that the wait will allow Asahi to create a unique experience for customers: "We’re hoping this new machine will be an important factor," Kitano added.

asahi s robot barman pours six perfect beers every time image 2

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