The Radio Times is still the biggest-selling quality magazine in the UK, with an average of 812,500 copies sold every week. But publisher Immediate Media realises that the rise in digital platforms will more than likely eat away at those figures in time, so has released an iPad TV listings guide that it hopes will sate the needs of a more tech-centric generation.

Radio Times DiscoverTV offers 14-day customised TV and radio listings, but it also does much more than that. The brand dabbled with an iPad version of its Christmas TV guide last year, but the new app is cut from a different cloth. It offers daily categorised recommendations to the best TV and radio shows in the UK, in-depth TV and film reviews, and video content, including trailers, clips, interviews and daily entertainment news.

It is optimised for iOS 7 and also gives direct access to on-demand and catch-up programming on 4oD and BBC iPlayer. And it features a daily round-up and links to suggested programmes available on video-on-demand services.

There is also a reminder tool that will ensure you are given a prod when your favourite shows are coming up.

"This is the first app designed for the way viewers watch television now. Viewers have never enjoyed so much choice, but we want to make it easier to find the good stuff," said Ben Preston, editor of the Radio Times.

"Every day, Radio Times DiscoverTV will guide you to the very best programmes - whether they’re on the traditional main channels, iPlayer, 4OD or new services like Netflix - and help you discover your next favourite show. At Radio Times we are determined to reinvent journalism about broadcasting, make the most of new digital technologies and make life easier for our readers."

The app is available to download on iTunes with an initial 30 day free trial period. After that it will cost £2.99 a month or £28.99 for a whole year's subscription.

The iPad version is the first to launch but there are plans to bring it to other mobile and tablet platforms too.