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(Pocket-lint) - Movie fans have IMDB, F1 fans have the brilliant real-time F1 app, but until now football fans have had, well not much.

That's about to change following the news that Squawka, a football stats website, is launching a dedicated iPhone, iPad, and Android app that will let you see real time stats, news, visualisations and pictures as they happen from the numerous games worldwide.

"We're very good at Fantasy League," explains Nic English, editor-in-chief for Squawka, when we ask just how many details and data you can get access to with the new offering.

Football fans in the know will no doubt already be aware that Squawka, which is a free service, has a comprehensive offering on its website. But until now it hasn't been available in a dedicated app - and who wants to sit on the sofa or in a football stadium with their laptop?

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Launching in the coming days on iPhone and in the coming weeks for Android, the new Squawka app will let users see over 14 million football data points in real time to give you the most knowledgeable view of the game. Who kicked what, who passed to who, and perhaps controversially, who was the real man of the match.

"We make more data available to the public than the pundits do," adds English demoing the new app to Pocket-lint ahead of its release. "That gives us the chance to deliver more information to our users."

Users will be able to use their new second screen tool to drill down into games to pull out specific data, including information about tackles, shots on goal and lots more.

And that's before English and his team of dedicated content creators try to liven up the stats a bit with their own commentary of the matches as they happen.

Once the app is out, expect to never be able to argue about stats at the ground again.

Squawka is expected in the app store shortly. You can sign up to be notified when it comes out at http://squawka.com/app/

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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