There are more than 65 billion posts on Tumblr. To help you sift through so much content, Yahoo has finally updated Tumblr Search with some significant browsing features.

Tumblr is where many people go when they want to mindlessly surf for hours and laugh at animated images with user-generated captions. Although that's fun and all, sometimes those same people also want to find a specific thing on Tumblr. And that's always proved to be more of a chore than anything else - until today.

Yahoo, one of the world's most powerful search engines, which acquired Tumblr earlier this year, has rebuilt Tumblr Search to help users explore posts more efficiently. The biggest change includes the ability to use hashtags in a single query to find "all that #hello kitty #nail art," according to Tumblr.

An example of the new functionality: searching for “government shutdown” and finding posts tagged #government shutdown or that mention ”government shutdown”. Searching “#government shutdown” will limit the results to posts with that hashtag.

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Other new search features include the ability to see related blogs in results and use the new Filter menu to filter by post type. Tumblr said this smarter filtering will also "unblock innocuous keywords" in its apps that were previously prohibited by app store policies.

Cool, right? Now go find that perfect GIF.

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