FiftyThree, the development firm behind popular sketchbook app Paper, is working on its own branded stylus. If your sketchbook app wins awards from Apple, a stylus only makes sense right? A filing with the Federal Communications Commission takes the wraps off some of the company's plans.

We see it's pursuing a "Pencil" capacitive stylus with a rubber tip and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. One image in the filing appears to show a USB connector on one end of the device - presumably for charging. There will be two models made available from FiftyThree: one crafted from wood and one aluminium alloy. Given the secrecy/broadness of FCC filings, no pricing or availability is noted.

fiftythree s developers behind paper for ios making own stylus image 2

Engadget points out that FiftyThree's team consists of the same people behind the Courier project at Microsoft a few years ago. They should definitely have the know-how to bring a stylus to market, even if having to compete with a slew of them already made available.

We've reached out to FiftyThree in the hope of learning more about its plans.