When Apple launched its colourful iPhone 5C in September, the case it launched alongside the handset was quickly mocked for its bad design. Never fear though, as the developer community is always there to fix problems. A free app dubbed CaseCollage has been launched to help you customise inserts to place in the iPhone 5C case.

The app boasts that you can add more than 250 colours, letters, patterns, and clipart to the case, and arrange the 35 circle-spaces with your own design. Photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa can be added from within the app along with pre-loaded solutions from CaseCollage.

From the video demo, CaseCollage appears to be easy enough to use. Its user interface lets you drag art around and make changes to the design, letting you get pretty creative.

Once you've found a design you're settled on, it is saved and printed on an in-home printer to be inserted into the back of the case. Interested? CaseCollage is available on the App Store for free.