Yahoo has redesigned Yahoo Mail for desktop, iOS and Android. The email service celebrates its 16th birthday today so the company has given it a new party frock and shoes in time for the occasion.

It has introduced conversations to the service, for users who like their emails grouped into threads, and search, starring and deleting are now all one-click options that appear when you hover over an email on the browser/desktop version. You can also collapse the left-hand toolbar to give yourself more room.

Photo themes, using curated Flickr content, are available to give your smartphone, tablet or desktop experience a more individual feel. Yahoo is also making available free many of the features it previously reserved for its Yahoo Mail Plus paid customers. Disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding are now available to all, and storage has been increased to 1TB.

Yahoo Mail Plus is ceasing to exist, but if you are already a subscriber you can continue to get an ad-free service for the same cost. Ad Free Accounts will not have graphical adverts and will not go inactive during the length of the subscription.

Yahoo Mail is available to download from iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store. You can also access it through a browser at