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(Pocket-lint) - There are thousands and thousands of adverts on TV. Some serious, some funny, some absolutely terrible and some utterly amazing.

We've pulled a few from the tech industry past and present, that would fall into the funny and amazing categories, and rounded them up for a bit of entertainment.

Here are a couple you'll want to watch over and over again.

Apple iPhone original

Apple takes you back to when a mobile phone was a brick, not the neat little (or big if you have a phablet) gadgets they are now. This advert is a great trip down memory lane, along with a history lesson.


This Garmin ad was shown as part of the Superbowl in 2008 and we have to say, not only is the French pop song ridiculously catchy, but we also found ourselves letting out a little chuckle with the downsized horse for the driver at the end. Maybe it will be resurrected now that self-driving cars are getting more attention.


Google Search App Martin Van Buren

If you normally use another search engine apart from Google, you probably won't after seeing this advert. Although we aren't sure the app did the little girl any favours at school that day.

GoPro: HERO3

It will take five minutes of your time to watch but the GoPro HERO 3 advert is pretty much an extreme sports action film. You'll not only find yourself gripping the side of your chair, but you'll probably feel the need to get off it too.

Microsoft Surface

It might not be as funny as some of the others on the list, but it certainly shows you what you'll be getting with the product. Plus, the music isn't bad for busting out some moves. Repeat.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung's most recent advert creations follow in the great footsteps of its previous. The Galaxy Gear Evolution and A Long Time Coming adverts are well worth a watch (no pun intended), taking you back through time and great films. We like the Evolution one the best.

Samsung Ecobubble

The washing machine that can wash clothes with cold water. Nothing says that like popping the Ecobubble into an icy, snowy setting and getting a bear involved. We suggest you watch it to the end, you won't be disappointed.

Samsung Easy In Easy Out fridge

Talking animals are always a winner, especially when they are monkeys and they are stealing from a fridge. Try not to miss anything the monkey's say, they have a pretty good sense of humour.

Sony BRAVIA - Bouncy balls

This Sony BRAVIA advert from 2005 probably isn't in the funny category but you can't ignore 250,000 bouncy balls being released down a hill in San Francisco to Jose Gonzalez's cover of Heartbeats.

Sony BRAVIA - Paint

The Sony BRAVIA ads seem to have made a name for themselves now. Following the bouncy balls in 2005, came this paint advert. Look out for the random clown running in the middle of the ad.

Sony BRAVIA - Bunnies

We just couldn't leave colourful clay bunnies taking over New York off the list. The look of surprise on the small child in the buggy says all you need to know about this advert. How they miss getting run over is quite a miracle.

This was just a bit of fun, but it certainly cheered us up rounding them up and watching them on a Monday.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.