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(Pocket-lint) - Wuaki.tv has officially announced its full launch in the UK, emerging from beta, bringing another way to access online films and TV content, through a unique hybrid offering.

Backed by parent company Rakuten - of Play.com fame - Wuaki.tv's unique proposition is that it wants to offer both routes to accessing content. You'll pay a monthly subscription for unlimited streaming content as you would with Netflix, but you'll also be able to rent or buy new movie and TV releases, as you can with Blinkbox.

Currently rivals tend to offer one or the other, either unlimited streaming content comprised of TV series and older film titles arranged through various deals (Lovefilm Instant, Netflix) or they offer new releases to rent or buy (Xbox Movies, Blinkbox).


Wuaki.tv (said "wacky") aims to give you both, with an introductory price of £4.99 a month for the Selection streaming service, througwhich you'll get access to things like six seasons of Dexter or three seasons of Cougar Town, as well as a whole collection of old movies.

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But you'll also be able to rent or buy content. For example you can get your hands on Tom Cruise's Oblivion for £4.49 in HD (£3.49 SD) to rent, or £13.99/£10.99 to buy. New releases arrive promptly when released from studios, as they are on other platforms.

That gives you plenty of flexibility to source content all in one place, but it's worth noting that if you're after something like Breaking Bad, it's sitting on the "paid for" side rather than the unlimited streaming side, so make sure you know what you'll be getting for your subsciption and what you won't when making your decision.

You can browse the selection of content on Wuaki.tv in a browser, as well as getting to it on Xbox, Android, iPad and Samsung smart TVs.

To promote the new service, Wuaki has turned the Dick Fosbury, pushing the angle that Wuaki.tv is changing the rules.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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