The hashtag has become a phenomenon, thanks to Twitter and now Facebook. It is used to identify messages on a specific topic, like #thisisapostabouthashtags. When used in moderation it can be a great tool on social network sites, but for some people, it's become a joke in every day conversation.

NBC's Late Night host Jimmy Fallon has been no stranger to tackling web and gadget facetious topics. Comedian, actor, and singer Justin Timberlake joined Fallon in a skit Tuesday evening to show just how stupid people sound when they hashtag in real life. Have a look at the video - it's pretty hilarious.

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to playing roles highlighting the web, as he played one of Facebook's early employees Sean Parker in the movie The Social Network.

So after watching the video, how ridiculous do you think it is to hashtag in daily conversation. Yes, you may be asking yourself: "Who actually does that?" But we're not lying when we say we've heard it before.