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(Pocket-lint) - The one-hour delivery service by eBay, eBay Now, is coming to the UK and specifically London at the beginning of next year.

After a successful launch in San Francisco, the online retailer will be bringing it to Europe starting in the English capital. It effectively means that you will be able to buy items from participating retailers and have them delivered to your location within an hour. Straight into your hands.

It will initially launch in the UK as a pilot scheme and, like the service in the States, will be available for purchases over a certain value. In the US, qualifying items need to be $25 or over. There is also a $5 delivery fee, but when it launched in America a promotional incentive for customers offered free delivery for the first three months and $15 off the first order. UK prices are yet to be revealed. And there is no word on whether the London service will launch with an offer.


The eBay Now service will be accessible through multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, and eBay's president Devin Wenig said during its unveiling in London that items will be delivered to the device, rather than a customer's home. That means you could theoretically have an item delivered to you in a cafe or bar.

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More details on eBay Now's London launch will be revealed closer to its start date. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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