Yahoo Japan is looking to the future where the internet brings everyone together. In this case it's blind people who will benefit from the Hands On Search machine that's controlled by voice and has a built-in 3D printer.

The search engine, aimed at children in this case, listens to the request for an item they wish to touch. It then trawls a database for the 3D data associated with that object. Once it's found a 3D printer built into the search machine can print off the item for the children to touch and feel.

And for objects that aren't found the search is posted on the Hands On Search website so Yahoo Japan can send out ads to find that model which is then added to the database.

This has great implications for future devices. Imagine an advanced one of these in every blind person's home in the future. If an item breaks, for example, they can just ask for another to be printed without the hassle of having to make a trip to the shops.