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(Pocket-lint) - Let's be real here: Vine is addicting.

You open the mobile app or go to the website, thinking you'll only watch a few video clips, and then suddenly it is two hours later. So, what makes Twitter's 6-second video service so addictive? The Viners.

The talent on Vine, also known as Viners, are up-and-coming comedians, actors, musicians, and sometimes just the person next door with a little too much time on his or her hands. Viners will prank people, dress in costumes, concoct fake personas, spawn memes, collaborate with other Viners, and do just about anything to hit that Popular Now section on Vine.

Sometimes, though, there are a few duds that make it to the top. At any given moment, you could open Vine and scroll through a tonne of Vines made by people simply trying too hard. If you want to skip past all the snooze-worthy Vines and Viners, check out the gallery above. Pocket-lint has compiled the top Viners - and even some honourable mentions.

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Keep in mind you'll likely want to look at these Viners' entire back-catalogue of Vines after you're done checking out this list. And that will take hours. But it'll be hours well spent. Welcome to Vine...and the start of a horrible addiction.

Writing by Elyse Betters.