While "torrent" is now considered a word associated with digital theft online, that may be about to change thanks to BitTorrent Bundle.

Bundle was started as an Alpha project in May with the hopes of building a better distribution platform along with artists, labels and studios. The idea is to create a platform where the more media is shared, the more valuable it becomes. So far this test has seen remixes powered by people, reinvented mix tapes and even an education revolution. But how can this help artists?

BitTorrent Bundle for publishers, which is launching 24 September, aims to make torrenting less technical. So if you've recorded a song this will help you tap into the 170 million BitTorrent fans around the world.

bittorrent bundle could stop torrent being such a dirty word image 2

It sounds a bit like MySpace for all forms of media. All the artist does is upload as much content as he likes then it's gated into a Bundle with its own custom landing page that can be shared with the world. So while it might not be monetising anything just yet it is acting as a platform to fame.

Sounds good to you? Sign up to the closed Alpha program.