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(Pocket-lint) - Doro is on a mission to make smartphones simpler with the launch of the Doro Liberto 810. This Android handset is the company's second smartphone.

The name, says Doro, comes from ancient Rome where slaves could earn citizenship and move up into society. They were known as the Liberto, but we're not sure that means this is a device pitched at the sub-classes.

The aim is to make smartphones less baffling and one of the interesting moves from Doro is turning to SwiftKey for the pre-installed keyboard. SwiftKey is one of our favourite keyboards on Android and is a highly popular choice thanks to its intuitive predictive natural language engine.


The Doro Liberto 810 is launching on Android 4.1, overlayed with the Doro Experience user interface designed to make things simpler.

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There are three controls across the bottom of the phone offering menu, home and back buttons. There's a 4-inch 800 x 480 pixel resolution display on the front. There are no details on the internals, so we can't predict how powerful the handset will be, but for the market this is pitched at, that's not really a consideration.

There's a microSD card slot for storage expansion and this is a 3G handset, along with the normal Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and so on. There's a 5-megapixel camera on the rear offering video capture and those inevitable photos you want to take.

"This new mobile helps people, who might be hesitant about using a smartphone, to fully embrace modern society," said Chris Millington, managing director of Doro UK and Ireland.

"We are liberating those who perceive smartphones to be overly complicated and crowded with difficult-to-use apps. Our new mobile will bring them into a world of technology in a positive and engaged way." 

There's no word on pricing or availability as yet, but details are promised in October.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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