Flickr's trying to go all Instagram-like. The Flickr iPhone app on Thursday introduced an entirely new set of filters, providing users with the ability to finely photos and add effects.

The new filters are also live. That means users can scroll through and preview each filter before snapping a picture. And for those hipsters out there who cannot bear applying an effect that someone else created, well now they can create their own filters.

Flickr's even added new camera features into the mix, so users can compose the perfect shots. Specifically, they can view grids, pinch to zoom, lock-in focus and expose points and more. As for those pricey editing tools, they're now free. Users can enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels and add vignettes until their heart's are content.

Last, but not least, the new camera and editing tools have animated transitions, enabling a fluid user experience.

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Yahoo has been doing well this last year - ie, constantly updating products, gobbling up companies, etc -  and it looks as though it has many hopes set on Flickr. For instance, the company announced a huge redesign - or overhaul, rather - for Flickr in May, and it also gave everyone 1TB of photo storage.