Lime&Tonic is a company that specialises in unique dining experiences around the globe, with a current portfolio filled to the brim with 850 different experiences over seven different cities: London, Dubai, Prague, Rio, Sydney, Amsterdam and Melbourne. It specialises in offering events and curated activities in top-class venues and hotels and its prices range from less than £20 to £65,000.

Pocket-lint was recently invited to take part in one of its latest London events, Dine Another Day, but as this will be an ongoing affair we can't really say much about it. We can't even tell you about the venue as the entire point of the experience is that it is hush-hush and highly secretive. Needless to say we returned with massive smiles on our faces.

Now Lime&Tonic has released its own iPhone application which is a portal to all of the available experiences and events, but also allows you to input your own preferences so that the restaurant or venue will be able to style an experience just for you. Allergic to certain types of food? There's a section for that. You can even enter what your favourite tipple is, in case the location wants to treat you when you arrive.

The app also presents an easily scrollable calendar with upcoming events, and a map to show you those in your locality.

Unlike voucher code services and the like, while the Lime&Tonic digital concierge service does offer some discounts on what you might have to pay for certain dining experiences, the focus is on presenting interesting and fun times that are value for money, rather than cheap as chips, er, chip suppers.

You can download Lime&Tonic - Your Social Concierge for iPhone from iTunes now.