Feedly introduced a new premium subscription option to its content aggregation service for a limited number of users in early August. Now the options is available to everyone at just $45 (£29) a year or $5 a month.

Subscribers will have access to features such as Article search, extra security through https browsing, one-click save to Evernote integration and one-click save to Pocket integration. Feedly is also offering premium support to subscribers, so they can be "bumped to the front of the support line".

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Feedly said it planned to introduce new pro features regularly, and will give subscribers the ability to vote on which features should be developed next. "We will continue to add new features to Feedly standard" it said. "If anything, Feedly pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster."

Feedly is also offering a refund to subscribers who are not satisfied. After buying a subscription package, customers will have five days in which to claim a refund via the pro support line.