The makers of popular productivity app Carrot To-Do have released a new iPhone and iPad app that really doesn't like when people sleep in.

The app, called Carrot Alarm, released on Thursday and features a "twisted AI" named Carrot that speaks witty, sometimes sadistic phrases and plays little games in order to get people out of bed. It's a simplistic alarm clock app; just swipe up or down to choose an alarm time. Carrot is the real reason why anyone would want to (or not want to) download this 99-cent app.

Carrot will bribe sleepy "humans" (as she calls us) with ice cream for breakfast...and then she will threaten to kill a kitten. No joke. She also plays one of 30 wake-up songs like Chiptune Overload, Smile or Else, and Won’t You Be My Minion?. Carrot will even make dreary-eyed people do "chores" each morning. An example chore is "flip to mix a deadly neurotoxin".

carrot alarm for ios will kill a kitten if you don t get out of bed image 2

Once people have completed these vicious chores and games, Carrot will reward them with unlocked new songs, app upgrades and bedtime stories. So, it's not all bad. There's just one catch: Do not fall back asleep. According to the app's description: "Carrot loves waking up sleepy humans. But be careful! Try to sleep in, and you’ll make Carrot upset. You do not want to make Carrot upset."

Other features include iCloud progress sync, Carrot To-Do integration, and support for Do Not Disturb. Check out the promo video below for more details.