eBay has opened up a new service that will make it easier for gadget fans to sell their surplus devices. Simply called My Gadgets, the new service for US eBay users will track the value of the devices you own, making it easy to see when you should be selling those devices you no longer use.

The system will automatically populate the list with the last 20 devices you purchased from eBay, as well as letting you add devices that you've bought elsewhere. If you have spare cameras, smartphones, tablets, TVs, you can add them to the listing, but be sure to get the right device, or it sort of defeats the purpose.

You'll then be able to see an average value, based on recent sales on eBay, with the option to sell devices quickly and easily. Click the sell option will then pre-populate a selling listing, just as when you search for a item that eBay has in its database.

The idea, obviously, is attract gadget sales to eBay, but also take down some of the barriers that might stop you listing something that's sitting in a drawer at home. Rather than it collecting dust and losing value, eBay wants to make it easier for you to sell the item and recoup some cash, while getting its own cut along the way.

If you find yourself with plenty of gadgets, which we certainly do, its a convenient way to keep track of just how much your items are worth. It might also encourage you to sell a few old things and buy one, big, super gadget you really want.

Sadly the service is open only on eBay USA and it hasn't yet made it to eBay apps, but it's said to be coming to mobile apps in the future.