Digg announced on Wednesday that it's rolling out a set of features and updates for Digg and Digg Reader, with the most notable tidbits including a tweaked Digg iOS app and news that an Android app is coming soon.

Digg's new iOS app is going live in the Apple App Store today with a “Popular” section under Digg Reader, as well as the ability to choose only unread items in any Digg Reader feed. Users can specifically turn on a new setting to show only folders and feeds with unread items, or delete feeds and folders directly in the app. Lastly, Digg added support for Readability.

As for the mobile web browser, Digg Reader is now optimised for mobile web browsers as a beta product. Digg said the interface captures the look and feel of the iOS app and "soon-to-be-released Android" app. 

The company also promised to build "edgier" capabilities like offline use/storage and an add-to-Reader bookmarklet. Finally, yet importantly, there's full support for embedded HTML5 media from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.