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(Pocket-lint) - Feedly has added a new premium subscription option to its content aggregation service. Feedly Pro gives you the same RSS feed portal and experience, but for a monthly fee you can add a number of other features.

The new modes for Pro subscribers include Article search, the ability to search within the feeds, and https browsing for extra security. Evernote integration is available in the Pro package - just one click to save an article to an Evernote notebook. And Feedly is offering premium support to subscribers, so they will be "bumped to the front of the support line".

Feedly pro will cost $5 (£3.20) a month or $45 a year. At the moment, however, the new subscription service is available only through a limited offer. Feedly is offering 5,000 lifetime Pro subscriptions for $99. Once they are gone the other subscription payment structure will kick in.


As well as the launch features, Feedly Pro users will get additional functions in the future. "We will be introducing new pro features regularly. The next batch of features will be decided on by Feedly Pro users themselves, as you will get to vote on what features you would like Feedly to develop next," said the online company.

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Feedly Pro features will also be available through the numerous mobile applications.

Update: Feedly announced that its Pro version has sold out for the time being. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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