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(Pocket-lint) - Usain Bolt has been tied to a few tech companies of late. He was the "face" of Samsung's NX cameras and has been on our screens peddling Virgin Media broa'ban for some time. Now you can have the fastest man in the world on your Android or iOS device. And in one of the best-loved games, to boot.

Developer Imangi Studios is offering the Jamaican running star as a paid-for character in its hugely popular Temple Run 2. Android owners can get a bit of Bolt cheaper than their iPhone-toting chums too, as a 65p in-app purchase in comparison to the iOS version costing 69p.

The in-game version comes with his own special ability: the electric bolt shield. It turns on auto-guidance and attracts coins, so combines two of the regular power-ups.


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If you can't be bothered to pay for him, there's still a small measure of pleasure in watching his avatar pull the famous lightning pose on the in-app purchase screen. That's seconds of free fun right there.

Temple Run 2 is available for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire devices. It's free to download with a number of in-app purchases available - other than just Usain Bolt.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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