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(Pocket-lint) - Snapcam, a new photo taking and sharing application coming to Windows Phone 8 devices in August, has signed a deal with Xerox Premier Partners Global Network to offer, what the developer calls, the world's first truly global photo book printing service.

Because Xerox uses local printers around the world, your books will be printed in the location they are posted. This means you will only be charged at a local rate, rather than postage and packaging to ship internationally. One example given by Snapcam is that you could be taking shots using the app when on holiday in the US but want to send a book to a friend in Thailand. The book will therefore be printed and sent from a Thai print firm and will be charged at local costs.


The Snapcam app - which will be a WP8 exclusive initially, spreading to other platforms over time - allows the user to take pictures using their phone, manipulate them, with crop, rotation and framing features, and share them socially. It allows you to create and import albums as Snapcam events, which can then be collaborated on by friends and family who can add to the albums to give other viewpoints.

These events and albums can then be printed as photo books.

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"Snapcam is dedicated to thinking globally, but acting locally, which means we can save costs, delivery time and maintain a low carbon footprint," says Steve Hayward, CEO of the British company. "Mobile digital to physical services are growing at a rapid pace and we aim to be at the vanguard of driving mobile use in ordering physical products that are environmentally responsible."

To find out more, visit the app's dedicated webpage at snapc.am.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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