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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia JobLens is now available in the UK for Nokia Lumia owners looking for a new job. The app pulls in job data from several sources to help you find and apply for your next dream job.

We saw the app in beta at the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925, but we've now had the chance to play with it a little more and we're impressed with the number of opportunities we found with very little effort.


One of the interesting elements to this new app is that it will let you sign-in to Facebook and LinkedIn to help you get your foot in the door. Once signed into those networks, JobLens will have a better idea of the sorts of jobs you might be looking for, as well as those people you already know who might be able to help introduce you. Remember, it's not always what you know, but who you know.

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Jobs can be browsed in a number of different ways. The "lens" name comes from the fact that you can use an augmented reality view: lift up your phone and you'll see the jobs overlaid on the scene in front of you. It's a nice effect, but in the real world, hardly as useful as browsing on a map, or searching listings.

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Both of those things are possible too, so you can search in a particular area easily. You can find details on the job role, see the job description, as well as get an idea of the salary it might offer, plus plenty of details on the company with the vacancy.

You can then go through and apply for a job, although at this point you step out of Nokia JobLens and seem to head over to Indeed.co.uk, which looked to be the job site behind the listings in the app that we were given.

You'll be able to create a CV to send out, save jobs to look into, and it is all wrapped up neatly into the JobLens app.

It's exclusively available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones and is now available in the UK, as well as the US and Canada. If you have the right device, you can download it from the Windowsphone.com today.

Writing by Chris Hall.