SwiftKey Cloud is the headline feature of the next generation of the Google Play-topping Android keyboard. Today, SwiftKey 4.2 has entered beta, bringing with it a collection of new features: cloud sync and back-up, enhanced personalisation and trending phrases.

SwiftKey 4.2 will add cloud syncing, meaning that the personalisation and learning that the keyboard goes through can then be shared with other devices - great for those who have a tablet and a smartphone or regularly switch phones.

"It's a central home for your SwiftKey language profile in the cloud," said Ben Medlock, co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey, while demoing the update to us.

Once you've installed SwiftKey 4.2, you'll be prompted to sign-in using Google Sign-In and as you're using an Android device, this just takes a couple of clicks. The personalisation options still exist as they did before, however they now have integration with the Gmail and Facebook APIs, so it's faster and easier to get connected.

swiftkey heads into the cloud offering sync back up trending phrases image 2

The other major element of the update is trending phrases. The result should be that when you want to express your excitement about the arrival of a royal baby, SwiftKey will have already picked up on the details, scoured from Twitter and local news sources. The idea is to feed the conversations you're likely to be having.

"Every day, SwiftKey will be in tune with your world, ready to offer predictions for the news events, sporting fixtures or celebrities that are getting people talking where you are," said Medlock.

Watchers of Android keyboards will be acutely aware that both of these features were offered by Swype when it launched its smart keyboard in April 2013. You get syncing across devices, as well as the incorporation of "living language", which again proffers words being commonly used.

Medlock told us that the localisation and contextualization made SwiftKey's feature unique, so the keyboard should be able to predict and offer relevant trending words as you need them, rather than just being aware of words currently being used.

SwiftKey 4.2 beta, including SwiftKey Cloud, is available to download now at beta.swiftkey.net for free for those who want to try it for themselves.