Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer is at it again: Yahoo announced on Thursday that it had acquired Bejing-based Ztelic, a year-old social data analysis firm that provides information aggregation and personality development services.

The deal marks the 19th acquisition for Yahoo since Mayer took up the reins as CEO last summer, according to The Wall Street Journal. Aside from buying Ztelic, Mayer has consistently tried to reinvigorate Yahoo in recent months.

For instance, Yahoo had a high-profile acquisition of Tumblr, issued a major redesign to Flickr, and it added gaming platform PlayerScale and to-do list app Astrid to its portfolio, among other things.

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A Yahoo spokesperson dubbed the Ztelic acquisition a small talent acquisition, as the start-up's eight employees will now work for Yahoo. Hao Zheng, Ztelic's founder, previously worked at Yahoo in China, and will act as a critical leader for the research and development team, flying between Beijing and Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale.

Ztelic's official website also alerted customers on Thursday that its Insight Enterprise Edition Extension application services would soon shut down as a result of the Yahoo acquisition.