Android users get a dual update from Evernote Corp today, thanks to both the Evernote and Skitch apps adding new features.

First up: The Evernote for Android app will now allow users to edit attached Office documents with the OfficeSuite app, whereas Evernote previously only let users view attached documents. Users can also include a new Reminder right from the Reminders list.

The popular note-taking and productivity app also updated the home screen widget so that it would provide a list view for notes, the ability to view and add reminders, improved scaling for different screen sizes and support for Jelly Bean lock screen.

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As for the Skitch app, Premium users can now annotate attached PDFs (similar to the functionality already available in Skitch for Mac), and all users will have a 30-day preview of the PDF mark-up feature.

The preview includes other features, too. The most notable include a Plain Text option for filling out forms and other documents, an improved cropping tool and the ability to sign in and sync Skitch images to Evernote accounts.