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(Pocket-lint) - As previously announced, Blinkbox, the TV and movie streaming service from Tesco, is now offering programming in high definition. Kicking off the new service is Game of Thrones season 3.

Having Game of Thrones season 3 is something of a coup for Blinkbox, which has only recently concluded on Sky Atlantic in the UK. Currently you can head to Blinkbox and buy the series digitally, meaning you can then stream it to compatible devices at your leisure.

Blinkbox not only offers this latest series, but also the previous two and the pricing is the same: £17.99 for SD, £23.99 for HD, for all 10 episodes. Buying it will mean you can watch it as often as you like; it isn't available for rental.


If you just want to watch an episode, then you're looking at £1.89 in SD, or £2.49 in HD. If you just have to watch that wedding again, you can stream it to your PC, Mac, or Xbox 360 in HD.

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Blinkbox is also available on PlayStation 3, some smart TVs, iPad or Android tablet, although only in SD at this time.

If it's Game of Thrones that you're after, then Blinkbox might be your first port of legal calling. Currently the release date for DVD and Blu-ray is February 2014, according to Amazon.co.uk. Lovefilm's disc rental service also lists 24 February 2014 as the release date for the series.

But the service isn't just about the TV reworking of GRRM's fantasy novels. Although TV shows in HD appear to be limited at the moment, on the movie side things are different: you can rent Jason Statham's Parker for £4.49 in HD, or buy it for £13.99, as well as a host of other titles.

Blinkbox also says in its FAQ that it's looking at the option of letting you upgrade your SD titles to HD. We're going to fire it up and see just what the quality is like and we'll post our findings in an update here.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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