Amazon on Friday updated its audiobook app, called Audible for Android, with a bunch of non-audio-related but rather visual tweaks.

The new layout overhaul includes a redesign, improved navigation and more comprehensible library management. On top of these user-interface enhancements, Amazon has added a chapter-level progress bar in the player.

Also, in case you forgot, today's update follows a recent upgrade that allowed users to switch between reading and listening with Whispersync for Voice. That feature requires a compatible Kindle device. The previous update also let users move their storage location when a SD card became available.

Audible's latest version, which is now live on Google Play, further features a bevy of unspecified stability and performance improvements. No word yet on whether Audible for iOS will also receive the new design changes.

Audible is an Amazon-owned provider and seller of digital audiobooks, radio and TV programmes, and audio versions of magazines, newspapers and websites - originally launched in 1999.