A new Vine update, available now on Google Play, adds a host of new features to the previously barebones version, bringing it more in line with what is available on the iPhone version. In addition, Android users get a unique new feature, a Capture widget that can jump straight into the recording screen from your phone's home screen.

Vine 1.3.1 offers a few new features to play with. There is a grid overlay for the recording screen so you can position shots more accurately, and a new ghost mode shows a faint copy of the last frame of the previous shot - ideal for budding animators. A new focus button is also added.

You can now submit your post to and browse 15 new channels, share you favourite posts to your followers with one tap (called "revining" like retweeting), and there are small performance updates and a new mute button on the home screen.

The biggest of the changes is the Capture widget, however, which will be the envy of Vine-using iPhone owners. They won't be getting anything like that anytime soon, if ever.

Vine is available as a free download on Google Play now.