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(Pocket-lint) - Opera has teamed with Dailymotion to create a new piece of software that can turn your Dailymotion video channel into a Smart TV application. And what's more, it takes less than a minute, the company says.

Opera TV Snap allows the user to turn his or her online video channel into a content-rich HTML5 app, which will then be submitted for moderation. If successful, it will appear on the Opera TV Store for anybody to instal on their own TV. It is a free service, and the end result and content therein can even be monetised, meaning its just as useful for companies as it is individuals.

To turn a channel into an app, the user just needs to visit opera.com/tvsnap, fill in the details and description of his or her channel and hit submit. It's as easy as that, claims Opera.


"Video has proven to be the most popular app category for Smart TV audiences, and it's no wonder, as larger TV screens can bring viewers up close and personal with their favourite online content," said Aneesh Rajaram, Opera's senior vice-president for TV and devices.

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The Opera TV Store and Smart TV platform can be found on select Sony and TCL TVs and Blu-ray players, and will be utilised by Humax, Hisense and MediaTek.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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