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(Pocket-lint) - YouSendIt, the online service that allows users to send large files to each other, has rebranded as Hightail.

The new company identity marks the start of a rollout of a new corporate design across multiple devices and enhanced services that will become more apparent over the coming weeks. The rebranding has also been undertaken as CEO Brad Garlinghouse felt the services the company currently provided had outlived its old name. Hightail is no longer about just sending each other digital files, but also cloud storage and other products.

"The launch of Hightail is more than simply a new name," said Garlinghouse. "It signifies the beginning of a new company with new products and a new way of thinking. We have already far outgrown our original use case of only sending large files, and our name should reflect where we are as a company today as well as where we want to go in the future.

"We're renewing our commitment to helping our customers keep their ideas moving and - of course - making sure their life's work doesn't get dropped or stuck in a box."

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The company website will be found at www.hightail.com in future, but prices will stay the same.

Hightail Lite is free and offers 2GB of storage, 50MB maximum file size, and five signatures. For £7.99 a month, you get 5GB of storage with the Pro package, file size limits of up to 2GB, and 10 signatures. The Pro Plus package has no limit on storage or the number of signatures you can have on the account. Maximum file size is still 2GB, though, and it costs £11.99 a month.

Business accounts are available on demand.

Writing by Rik Henderson.