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(Pocket-lint) - Dropbox CEO Drew Houston introduced a new Dropbox Platform for developers at his company's first DBX developer conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The platform offers a range of tools that simplifies how developers can build apps across devices and platforms. Dropbox's Sync API lets developers use Dropbox's file-syncing technology, but the company now has a new API - called Datastore - which goes beyond files and provides a new way to store and sync app data.

Dropbox essentially wants to assist third-party apps with syncing data across devices and platforms, and it hopes to deliver cloud syncing alongside cross-platform UI components.


This means users can save levels in apps like Angry Birds, for instance, across many devices. A few of the third-party companies that have already signed up include Shutterstock, PicMonkey, Animoto, 1Password, CloudOn, FedEx, Fargo, Asana and Yahoo Mail.

As part of the platform and cross-platform UI components, Dropbox has also unveiled a new Drop-ins tool - made of Chooser and Saver functions - that enable access to Dropbox files from web and mobile apps and one-click saving of files to Dropbox.

In addition, according to Engadget, Dropbox has announced that Mailbox - the mail app that Dropbox purchased earlier this year - now lets users send attachments directly from the app. Just tap the attachment icon to open Dropbox's list of files and then select the desired file. However, the update has yet to hit the Mailbox for iOS app. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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