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(Pocket-lint) - The new Chromium-based Opera 15 browser has now come out of beta and is available to download for PC and Mac, promising a faster way of getting around the net.

There's a host of features that are useful, although hardly unique, with the likes of Chrome and Firefox offering much the same. However, Opera gets itself a cleaner look and feel and in our initial play with the final release version, it certainly seems fast.

To help you find your way around the net there's a new Discover feature that curates content for you. It will pull in stories from various sources, so if you want to see what's going on in the world, the browser will serve that up, rather than heading to a news site. You can refine the content categories you want to see, although in our quick glance the content seemed limited in sources.


Then there's Speed Dial, something that Opera users will be familiar with. It's really easy to add sites to Speed Dial with a click, so you can quickly head to your favourites when you open your browser.

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If it's a particular feature or article you want to read, the Stash is designed exactly for that. Hit the little heart icon and you'll stash that page. You can then view your stash as just headlines, or in larger preview slices.

The amusingly named Off-Road mode is designed to speed up browsing when your connection is poor, perhaps when you're sitting at the wrong end of that coffee shop or when tethered to your phone, and adds compression to keep things running smoothly on the move.

Opera 15 is free and available for download now, and we're excited to see an outdoors action video that highlights, well, the joy of wingsuit base jumping.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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